Tracey Waldroup is best known for her abstract works which convey a sense of mystery, primarily through illegible handwriting, buried under layers of acrylic paint and texture. The artist who is most influential in her current work is American painter Cy Twombly; his gestural writing conveys a sense of spontaneity that inspires her process.


After earning her BFA in Art Education and MA in Educational Leadership from The University of Texas at Arlington, she taught high school advanced placement art in Grapevine, TX. She has also taught adult basic education classes for those pursuing their GED, and continues to teach private art lessons for children.


Impermanence — an ideal that completely defines my life and work. Embracing the reality of impermanence has become my greatest coping mechanism when dealing with setbacks and personal hardships.

My paintings are an artistic journal where I scribble my inner thoughts. Oftentimes these thoughts are subtle and under the surface, yet appear complex like the complicated feelings of life.

I try to remain detached from them, knowing that nothing in life will ever remain the same. We must reinforce these layers that will always be a part of us. They are an important metaphor for life — to always improve yourself, rewrite your script. To rebuild, to move on, and not to be afraid to start again.

I do not worry about the end result. I create from a complete feeling of inner peace and stillness of mind. When I get lost, off track, or start thinking too much, I step back, reassess and cover it up again.